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Donate Now – Join the Dance (Canada) Needs Your Support

Each year since 2007, JTD  on average serves three to four thousand students ages ten to fifteen years old of the elementary and middle school system, and mainly in communities of greatest need.  Repeat participation is over 65%.

We need your help to continue our educational and artistic programming.  Commit to making the program accessible to as many children as possible.  Schools pay less than half  the actual cost.  JTD seeks the remainder through fundraising activities and community outreach.

Please consider partnering with us financially in this effort.  Every dollar brings us one step closer to meeting our goals. Your contributions are tax deductible

  •  $2,000 sponsorship will help us provide the program to one entire classroom in a school.
  •  $4,000 will allow the opportunity to 2 entire classrooms.
  •  $100 will provide 1 student with twenty 50-minute sessions for ten weeks in a term.

 Whatever your donation,  it all adds up.  We value every contribution! 

Why should I support a dance program?
Actually Dancing Classrooms is not a dancing program.  Dancing Classrooms is a social development program that utilizes ballroom and contemporary dance as the tool to generate social change and improve academic interest in the participants, and to enhance the overall school culture.

 There are many projects in need of YOUR community support::
Adopt A School, Adopt A Classroom, Teaching Artist Training, Term Team Matches, Annual Colours of the Rainbow Grand Trophy Finals. Annual Gala Benefit.

 How are students selected to participate?
The program is not an “elective”, after school or recreational one.  All students within the grade participate in the program along with the classroom teacher thereby ensuring maximum impact from the program for all students.  Non-dancers for religious or other valid reasons still are involved and able to contribute within the team meaningfully.

What will my investment do for the children of Ontario?
A lot!  Your investment will allow 5th, 6th and 8th graders throughout Ontario the opportunity to receive our program at no cost and provide the children, their schools and our communities with the many important benefits above.

JTD's efforts have been sustained since 2007 by invaluable contributions, donations, and sponsorships from the Palais Royale Ballroom, Scotia Bank, Central Rotary of Toronto, and the Ontario Arts Council and  our growing number of supporters and friends of Dancing Classrooms in Ontario.

To donate please go to DONATE NOW at Canada Helps.Org to make a secure online donation, or download, complete and send our donation form along with your cheque or money order to the mailing address on this form.

Mailing Address:
Join the Dance (Canada)
640 Strouds Lane
Pickering, ON
L1V 4T3

If you have any questions regarding your donations whether corporate or individual please direct all inquiries to:

Ilsa Abraham, Executive Director
Join the Dance (Canada)
Tel: 905 837-7795