About Us

Mission Statement

To promote lifelong physical, mental and emotional well-being, as well as enhance academic experience, social awareness and relationship building skills, in young people, through the transformative power of ballroom and partner dancing.  To dedicate ourselves to excellence in service and support to the children of Canada in order to encourage and inspire them to celebrate their individuality, believe in their dreams and reach for the stars, together!   


Our vision is to enable all children to have the opportunity to build critical self-esteem and confidence through proactive character education. We believe that Dancing Classrooms will enhance their ability to achieve and succeed now; and hopefully throughout their future adult lives.

Our Organization

Join the Dance (Canada) is a registered Federal Charity first established in February 2006 to deliver innovative social development/Arts in Education programs through the medium of dance to children and youth. Join the Dance is the first official representative in Canada for Pierre Dulaine’s internationally acclaimed Dancing Classrooms that was introduced by way of a pilot initiative to our Public and Catholic school systems in Ontario in March 2007.  Each year, since 2007,JTD on average serves three to four thousand students ages ten to fifteen years old of the elementary and middle school system in Ontario. Many of our schools exist in communities of greater need. Committed to being a responsible and involved community partner through our mission, JTD is proud to have the endorsement of involved educators and their boards as proven in helping to enrich the lives of participating students, and often their broader school community, through Dancing Classrooms .

“ Watching my students transform from boys and girls to young ladies and gentlemen has been one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences of my teaching career. For some, the change was about becoming more confident and self- assured, while for others it was simply about making friends.  Nonetheless, each young life was transformed.  Join the Dance has provided each child with a unique experience.  It certainly met goals beyond those which they set out to achieve – co-operation, respect, self-confidence, and teamwork. I leave you with a quote from the dance journal of one of my gentlemen, “Ballroom dance has changed my life forever!  
J. Samuels Grade 6 Teacher, Our Lady of Victory Catholic School

 "This program made me mature and treat people differently.  I also know more about my classmates. I have learned to trust and respect them.  I have been treated more like a lady than a girl, and as I get older, that’s how I want to be treated! This program is more than just about dance; it is about becoming more respectful and trustworthy of each other!"  Livia  Grade 7

"As the mother of a child who has taken part in the Join the Dance program, I can’t tell you how proud and overwhelmed I was, the first time I saw my son dance. It has been an amazing experience for our son and our entire family. These instructors are professional and also have wonderful patience with the children.  It shows when they dance!  They smile from ear to ear, from beginning to end.  It touches my heart when I watch them dance, as I know they are having fun. This is what is important for children!"  Denise Grande